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Let's light up the community this holiday season!

Judging for the 2020 Annual Arthur G. Hooper Decorating Contest will take place

Wednesday, December 16, 4-9 pm.

Homes and businesses in New Russia, Elizabethtown, and Lewis will be judged in categories of Most Original, Most Beautiful, and the Spirit of Christmas. Winners will have their names engraved on a permanent plaque and receive a gift from the Social Center.

Please contact the Center with your address if you wish to be included in our route or nominate a neighbor: 873-6408 or info@elizabethtownsocialcenter.org.


How to be a Contender


Many people ask how our winners are chosen. Our panel of judges varies each year and has different ideas for what winning decorations should look like. However, some tendencies seem consistent among judges from year-to-year. If you are looking for advice, here are our tips:


1. Contact us with your address. You do not need to sign up to win, but we cannot guarantee you will be on our route unless we know where you live.

2. Judges seem to prefer the look of incandescent lights over LEDs. No one is staunchly anti-LED, but a majority of winning decorations have been incandescent or warm LED. Most judges do agree the two types should rarely be mixed. However, you can find LED's that look very much like incandescent, like "warm white."

3. Judges seem to enjoy both all-white and multi-colored displays. One single color is rarely chosen as a winner.

4. Judges prefer a display which has an overall design with a sense of tidiness and uniformity. Displays with lots of varieties of lights and decorations randomly scattered about are not often selected.


5. Sometimes less is more. A yard chuck-full of organized decorations is all sorts of fun, and often a contender. But just as often, a small display that is unique and well-presented takes a prize.

These are just a few observations from past contests. The most important thing to remember is to create a design that you enjoy coming home to each night! We highly recommend ignoring our tips in favor of your personal preferences.


2020 Winners


Spirit of Christmas – Donna and Josh Bennett, 8246 River St.

Most Beautiful – Toni Mowery, 58 Park St.

Most Original – Doug and Christina Mitchell, 155 Water St



Spirit of Christmas – Wanda Duso, 8534 US Rt. 9

Most Beautiful – Cathy and Greg Rock, 567 Steele Woods Rd.

Most Original – Cindy and Floyd Bassett, 256 Wells Hill Rd.


Honorable Mentions


Honorable Mentions in Elizabethtown go to: Justin Mader, with Jeanne and Paul Redmond (83 Hand Ave. - but make sure to drive through the Aubachon's alley to see the full display!); Lisa Whalen (17 Hand Ave.); Ginger Phinney (7103 US Rt. 9); Kim and Bucky Hathaway (94 Water St.); Kent and Terry Egglefield (8081 NYS Rt 9N); and Mountain Lake Services (21 Dougan Ln.).


Honorable Mentions in Lewis go to: Morgan and Tanner Cassavaugh (9177 US Rt 9); Tom and Vanessa Cross (487 Stowersville Rd.); Kristy and Brett Cave (21 Pine Country Way); Amanda and Terry Pulsifer (8 Birch Trail Way); Mountain Lake Services (408 Wells Hill Rd.); and Tina and Frank Bigalow (9423 US Rt. 9).


The New Russia Post Office and the surrounding homes offer a cheery destination for those taking a tour!


Another spot to include in a lights tour are the cluster of decorated homes near the Lewis intersection of Stowersville Rd. and Hulburt Rd. including 41, 44, 51 and 81 Hulburt Rd. as well as along Stowersville Rd.


Thank you to the following Elizabethtown businesses who helped light up the community: Flower Designs by Tracey, Aubachon Hardware, Park Motor Inn, Namaste Inn, Bub's Pizza, Life Church, St. Elizabeth's church, the Arsenal, James Phillips Excavating, as well as the town park and Cobble Hill Golf Course.


Horray for the town hill tree makeover! Judges and community members love the new look of the beautiful tree.


Dulac's Bookkeeping (8567 US Rt 9, Lewis) is filled with the holiday spirit with lights, gifts and next-door elves who brightened the faces of many children. The Public Safety Building (702 Stowersville Rd) is also all decked out and creating a bright spot in the community. Thank you all for your community service and holiday spirit!


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for creating a festive atmosphere in our community!

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Take the Tour

Load up the car, turn on the all-holiday station, bring some candy canes and prizes, and play Decoration BINGO!

Print our list of winners and nominees and BINGO cards, or contact us to pick some up at the Social Center. Happy Holidays!

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