Teen Rec Membership

Cora Putnam Hale wished for the youth of the community to always have a place at the Social Center when she founded the organization in 1939. She believed that the Center should be a place that might help teens become good citizens of the future. 


Please see below for more information and contact the Social Center at (518)873-6408 or info@elizabehtownsocialcenter.org to schedule an appointment to become a Teen Rec member.

Teen Rec Hours

Members must be residents of the Boquet Valley Central School District, enrolled in school or home school, and be between the ages of 12 and 19. 


To become a member, you must schedule an interview with the director. It takes about 15 minutes. We review our policies and rules, and ask the member and their parent or legal guardian to sign our contract as proof that you both understand them. A parent or legal guardian MUST be present at the interview. Membership costs nothing.

What can teens do?

Play pool, ping pong, basketball, gaga ball, badminton, pickleball, flag football, yard games, soccer, tennis, board games and video games; watch movies; help prepare snacks; and have fun hanging out with friends.


Other activities and trips are scheduled throughout the year, like holiday parties, tournaments, pizza nights, trips, and more. See the Teen Rec Events page for details and the calendars on our homepage for upcoming dates.

Teen hours* during the school year (September through June):

Monday-Thursday: 3 - 6 pm

Friday: 3 - 9 pm

Teen hours** during the summer (July through August):

Monday-Thursday: 2 - 5 pm

Friday: 2 - 8 pm


*The staff locks the doors at the closing time indicated above. Please make sure that you have made arrangements with your child so that they are prepared to leave by the time we close and so that they know where they are supposed to go when they leave the Center.

**We may close early on summer days with very low or no attendance. Please call, or check the door before dropping off.

Teen Rec Rules

The spirit of the rules comes down to 3 simple things:

  • respect the building and equipment

  • respect the staff

  • respect the other members

Disrespect will be cause for discipline, whether it is a violation of a written rule below or not.


  1. You must sign in and sign out.

  2. No swearing; no vulgar or derogatory language.

  3. No alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, vaping or energy drinks.

  4. No weapons, fighting, violence or bullying.

  5. Keep your hands to yourself, including rough-housing, PDA, and other people's property (phone, bags, clothing.)

  6. Do not loiter (hang around) in the parking lot, in front of the property, or at the Egglefield Ford lots. This includes skateboarding, biking, etc.

  7. If you sign out equipment, you must sign it back in.

  8. No throwing things inside the building or at anyone indoors or out, including snowballs.

  9. All food and drink (including candy) must be consumed in the kitchen area, whether we supplied it or you brought your own.

  10. Clean up your own messes.