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Outdoor Facilities

Disc Golf map.png
Disc Golf Course


Come try our newly renovated FREE disc golf course! This course is beginner- and family-friendly, with an interesting route through Center property and along the Boquet River. 


There are discs at the starting hole to borrow along with score cards and maps, or you can print them -- map & scorecard.

Coming soon - upgraded Mach 5 baskets!

You can find the course and parking on Lawrence Way.

Social Center Courts


The main building lawn features a basketball court with adjustable rims, a gaga ball pit, four square, a badminton court, a playground with outdoor exercise equipment, and a futsal (court soccer) field with a rebound board.


These facilities are reserved for our Teen Rec members during Teen Rec Hours, but community members are welcome to use the courts any other time. Hours can be found here.


If the office is open, community members are welcome to borrow equipment. We have balls of all shapes and sizes, racquets, frisbees, kan jam, bases and more.

Platform Tennis Court


Platform Tennis is a racket sport enjoyed by all ages. It is the only racket sport that can be enjoyed outdoors in cold weather. This unique appeal attracts people who desire fresh air, competition, and social engagement.

Membership is required to use our Platform Court. Click here for more information.

Tennis and Pickleball Courts


The Social Center offers a tennis court on Lawrence Way.

Our pickleball courts are currently closed.

Lawrence Way can be found in between Egglefield Ford and the bridge at the intersection of Route 9 and River St. Click here for directions to courts.


Players may use our Facebook group "Social Center Pickleball and Tennis" to arrange meeting times or find playing partners. 

During winter months, the Social Center sponsors recreational pickleball at BVCS. See the calendar for dates and our Fitness Classes & Groups page for details.

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